Tips for a Better Search

The search program for the calendar contains an algorithm that searches the database for occurrences of each word you enter in the search box.
  • To get the best results for your search, try entering as few keywords as possible.
  • For example: To search for "Frederick Douglass," use "Douglass" as your search keyword instead of "Frederick Douglass" because there are instances where he is listed as "Frederick Augustus Douglass" or "Frederick A. Douglass."
  • When searching for "inventors," use "invent" as your search keyword instead of "inventors" because you will find all associated entries that contain the word-- Examples: "inventor," "inventors," "invented," "invention," and "inventions."
  • The search function is not case sensitive
  • To search for information that happened on a specific date, use the pull down menu instead of typing a specific date.
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