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May 26

The Kansas-Nebraska Act overturned the Missouri Compromise and allowed slavery in the Northern territory on this date in 1854.

T. J. Marshall, inventor, patented a variation of the Fire Extinguisher on this date in 1872. Patent # 125,063.

Liberian President Edwin Barclay became the first African President to visit a U.S. President when he arrived at the White House to visit President Franklin D. Roosevelt on this date in 1943.

Althea Gibson, tennis legend, won the women's singles championship in the French Open on this date in 1956, becoming the first black person to win a major tennis title.

The Freedom Ride Coordinating Committee was established in Atlanta, GA, on this date in 1961.

Ruth A. Lucas became the first black woman to be promoted to Colonel in the U.S. Air Force on this date in 1968.

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