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January 24

Martin Robinson Delany, ethnologist, army officer, politician, and black nationalist, died on this date in 1885. He, along with Frederick Douglass, published the first issue of the North Star, an antislavery paper, in 1847.

J. Mason Brewer, arguably the greatest author of black folklore, died in Commerce, TX, on this date in 1975.

Tom Bradley, public servant, humanist, and government servant, received the 69th NAACP Spingarn Medal on this date in 1985 for becoming a four-term mayor of Los Angeles, CA, and for overseeing the most successful Olympics in history.

A massive protest of some 20,000 marchers was held in Forsyth County, GA, on this date in 1987. The group protested the attack of marchers celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday one week earlier.

Clarence "Big House" Gains, Winston Salem State University's basketball coach, won his 800th game on this date in 1990. Gains has won eight CIAA conference championships and a 1967 Division II championship.

Thurgood Marshall, the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice, died at the Bethesda Navy Medical Center on this date in 1993.

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