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September 30

Crispus Attucks escaped from the clutches of his Massachusetts slaveholder on this date in 1750. In 1770, Attucks was the first person to die in the Boston Massacre. He and over 5,000 blacks fought in the American Revolution.

Johnny Mathis, popular singer, was born in San Francisco, CA, on this date in 1935. "Wonderful, Wonderful," "Chances Are," "It's Not For Me To Say," and "Twelfth of Never" were some of his popular songs.

Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in the major leagues, became the first black person to compete in the World Series on this date in 1947.

President John F. Kennedy authorized the use of federal troops to escort James Meredith's integration of the University of Mississippi on this date in 1962.

The African nation of Botswana gained its independence on this date in 1966.

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