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1 .   February 11, 1990

Nelson R. Mandela, South Africa's black nationalist leader, was released from prison after 27 years on this date in 1990. Four years after his release, he was elected President of South Africa.

2 .   May 10, 1994

Nelson R. Mandela was inaugurated the first black President of South Africa on this date in 1994.

3 .   June 12, 1964

Nelson R. Mandela, South African political activist, was sentenced to life imprisonment on this date in 1964. Mandela served a 27-year prison term after being convicted for "sabotaging" the South African government. Mandela, a political prisoner, went on to become president of his country.

4 .   June 16, 1999

Thabo Mbeki, in a landslide victory, was elected to succeed South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela. Mbeki, who had been deputy president of South Africa and leader of the African National Congress, assumed the duties of president on this date in 1999.

5 .   July 18, 1918

Nelson R. Mandela, political activist and President of South Africa, was born at Mvezo, a village in Umtata, Transkei, South Africa, on this date in 1918.

6 .   September 12, 1997

Twenty years to the date of his death, South African freedom-fighter, Steven Biko, was honored at a ceremony in South Africa on this date in 1997. President Nelson Mandela took part in the ceremony.

7 .   September 23, 1998

Nelson Mandela was honored by President Clinton with the Congressional Medal of Honor on this date in 1998. Mandela received the medal at the Capital Rotunda for overcoming 27 years of unjust imprisonment and rising up to become President of South Africa.

8 .   October 15, 1989

South African activist, Walter Sisulu, was freed after over 25 years of imprisonment on this date in 1989. Sisulu, like Nelson Mandela, was a political prisoner.

9 .   October 25, 1997

"The Million Woman March," which reportedly drew nearly two million black women, was held in Philadelphia, PA, on this date in 1997. Sistah Souljah, Winnie Mandela, Dorothy Height, Maxine Waters, and Ava Muhammad were some of the featured speakers who discussed such issues as health care, schools, feminism, and welfare.

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